About Us

e-Travel Technologies, with a 35 year history of successful delivery of timely and accurate traveler information, is a focused based business services company and a leading provider of travel risk management solutions to companies operating in the global travel industry. Our target market includes independent TMC’s (travel management companies), major retail chains, buying groups and franchises who provide travel management and Duty of Care services to corporations of all sizes. We deliver Traveler Advisories and Alerts via non-automated or automated processes, whereby the agency queues or web services its PNR’s to us. Our price points allow agency customers to compete favourably. Our real-time communications and interactive interfaces keep users constantly informed of world events.

Our Products

Our products address the liability concerns of travel professionals and their clients, by satisfying corporation’s Duty of Care responsibilities. Products include: e-Travel Alerts, e-Travel Advisories, Country Risk databases, as well as Traveler Tracker Dashboards. All databases are accessible from Agent and customer Tracker Dashboards. TMC’s have the option of reselling our products to their corporate accounts. Unique crisis evacuation services are also available.

e-Travel Advisories

Pre-trip destination report issued at time of ticketing includes; country risk levels, recent and active Alerts, and Safety and Caution advice, as well as entry requirements, health and medical and more.

Advisories Features

1st Step in Duty of Care

• Created from queued PNR’s or web service
• Carries agency branding
• Current Alerts and Risk Levels included
• Allows traveler to make informed decisions
• Updated throughout the travel period
• Up to 30 categories of information
• Optional Acknowledgement Email

e-Travel Alerts

Late breaking events affecting operational assets and traveler itineraries or safety. Issued24/7 in real time to travelers ticketed to or in country. Initiates traveler tracking and contact procedures.

Alerts Features

2nd Step in Duty of Care

• Info, Caution, Warning, or Disasters
• Alerts affecting traveler sent in real time
• Alerts only sent to travelers in area of event
• Alerts contain links to source
• Summaries emailed 3 times daily to subscribers
• Optional Alert Summaries issued direct to clients with TMC branding

e-Travel Tracker

Branded Trackers Dashboards for TMC’s and Corporate clients to identify, locate and contact travelers at risk. Tracking procedures are initiated by real time reports listing travelers at risk.

Tracker Features

3rd Step in Duty of Care

• All Active Alerts
• Extensive graphic displays and searches for:
• Alerts by level and categories
• Travelers by Active Alerts
• Travelers by Risk Level
• Country Risk levels
• Drill downs to full traveler itinerary
• Over a dozen flexible and extensive reports
• Destinations and Country Risk databases
• TMC Control Panel

Country Risk Levels

Country Risk Levels are determined by monitoring and subscribing to four principle western governments. Risk level are included at each touch point in our product offerings.

Country Risk Levels

Every Corporate client and traveler needs risk information to make informed decisions to travel. This can result in postponing a trip or perhaps changing to a different destination based on risk tolerance.

This is a very critical component in the Duty of Care process.

Mobile Virtual App

Can provide:
Traveler itinerary, destination information,
risk levels, current alerts and flight info

Mobile Solutions

We ensure that the traveler has all the tools necessary to understand their destination, any risks that may be encountered as well as the most up-to-date terminal, gate and delays that may affect them.

Unlike our competitors, our app is available to the traveler on whatever device they wish to use (iPhone/Android/iPad/Android or Windows Tablets/Mac/PC/Linux)


Disaster avoidance is the backbone of Crisis Management. Ensuring that travelers are well advised in advance is the benefit of Duty of Care.


“Failure to Warn” liability issues can be mitigated with our comprehensive travel risk management services.

We make sure your international travelers are aware of potential risks before they travel or places they should avoid during their trip.