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e-Travel Technologies
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e-Travel Alerts Rate Sheet (as of May 2018)  All prices are in USD
A. Subscription Packages
ProductSetup Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Item Fee
1/ TMC Tracker Dashboard
     (for TMC Management or 7/24)
$200.00 1-5 PCC's -$200.00
6-10 PCC's - $225.00
+10 PCC's $250.00
$10.00 per user
(Requires queued or Web Service PNR feed)    
- Confirmation Email (incl. custom logo)  
- e-Travel Advisories (Pre-Trip Destination Info)(incl. custom logo)  
- e-Travel Alerts (Real-time alerts to travellers)(incl. custom logo)  
- Tracker Summary Reports(incl. custom logo)  
- 3 x Daily Alerts Email per user(incl. custom logo)  
  Group Manager (optional)   $50.00 $2.00 per active group destination
Queued PNR Feed (Web Service) TBD  Est. Annual PNR Volume
2/ Corporate Tracker Dashboard $200.00 $175.00 $10.00 per user
(Req. Agency Tracker Dashboard & Electronic Feed)    
- Tracker Summary Reports  
- 3 x Daily Alerts Email per user (incl. TMC logo)  
  Asset Manager (optional)   $50.00 $2.00 per active asset destination
B. Optional Services
1/ 3x Daily Alerts Email $100.00
(incl TMC Logo)
$55.00 $2.50 per
email address
- 3 x Daily Alerts Email   
- Optional Real-Time and regional Alerts   
 2/ Alerts Marquee / Ticker (B2C - 5 latest alerts) $250.00 $175.00 
 3/ Alerts Marquee / Ticker (B2B - 15 latest alerts) $250.00 $300.00 
Note: Contact us for a quote on Custom Programming or Direct Data Feeds